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FOIL Oops Bags, Functional Sheets

$ 10.00

Oops bags! This listing is for ONE bag. 
Orders placed with coupon codes will be refunded and cancelled

10 sheets per bag. They will be a mix of our $2 tuesday sheets, regular clear foil sheets and foil functional premium matte sheets. These are oops foil sheets. This means the foil may not have completely adhered in place or scratched off in places. Some sheets may have stickers missing.  Foil may be off centered to the design. Some stickers may have large pieces of foil missing. Some stickers may be unusable.  They are random! We can not honor any requests to receive certain sheets. There may be stickers on the sheet that are not completely cut through. Sheets may have a few unusable stickers. There could duplicates in these bags! If you purchase more than one bag you will almost certainly receive duplicates!