Foil Random Kit Pull Destash - Micro Kit

$ 5.75


This listing is for ONE kit. You may order multiples. There is no limit on random pull kits. Please note I will try to make sure you do not receive multiples of a certain collection for each kit type, but we do only have so many available and this could be unavoidable after a certain number. 

These must be purchased only with other random pull items. Any orders placed with other items from the shop will be cancelled. 

These are not oops sheets. These are our regular stock. We are removing glossy paper from the shop. These will include older collections including holiday and season specific collections. These do include older kit formats where only the first sheet is foiled.

We cannot honor any requests for specific kits. These are packaged completely random. 

Oops bag do not come with PR freebies or regular freebies. Coupon codes cannot be used on these items. Free US shipping for orders over $50 is allowed.