Foil Bundle Subscription - MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY-

$ 19.95 $ 15.95

A bundle of premium foiled planner stickers delivered monthly! Bundle shown in photos is for the month of July.

Bundle Options:

(Please note if multiple bundles are ordered only one shipping cost will be applied as long as they are ordered at the same time. If adding an additional bundle to an existing subscription please email customer service.)

Base Kit - $ 15.95 + shipping

4 page foil base kit + matching foil freebie

Add On Options:
Base kit + ombre heart checklist - $16.95 + shipping

Micro Kit - $7.95 + shipping

2 page foil micro kit (new format) + matching foil freebie
Please note these will no longer have different full boxes from the regular kit

Mini Kit - $14.50 + Shipping

3 page mini kit + matching foil freebie

B6 Kit -  $14.50 + shipping

3 page b6 kit + matching foil freebie 


* FAQ *

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Orders will ship the 15th of each month.

Q: When will I be billed?

A:  After initial sign up you will be billed on the day of sign up each month.

Q: When can I sign up?

A: If we have room for more spots they will open the 5th of the month for the following months bundle. They will close on the 8th. 

Q: Can I skip a month?

A: We do not allow skipping of bundles, but you may cancel before your renewal date. 

Q: How do I update/cancel/change size of my sub?

Changes can be made to your subscription under the "my subscriptions" tab in your account. After choosing the subscription you'd like to change, click on the "edit" option. This will give the you the choice to change or cancel.

Q: Do discount codes work on sub bundles?

Discount codes will not apply to sub bundles. The exception is those who have been grandfathered in from Cratejoy or any codes offered specifically for sub bundles. 


*Foil may contain traces of black in certain areas* This is a natural flaw of the hand foiling process. 

All monitors show color differently. I do my best to accurately represent the colors shown on the sheets, but there may be a slight color difference depending on your monitor.

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