International orders are now taking up to 3 months for delivery. We will not reship any international orders until they have not been marked as delivered for 3 months. Domestic orders are not taking up to 2 weeks but this is uncommon. Domestic orders will not be reshipped until they have not been marked as delivered for 14 business days.
Please note before buying any foil items that these items are handmade and are subject to variations in the foil. This includes traces of black in certain foil areas as well as the foil being slightly off centered to the printed object. This is a natural variation of the foiling process.
Our stickers are sized to fit most standard vertical planners. If you are unsure of the measurements of your planner please contact us for exact sticker measurements. We cannot guarantee our stickers will be an exact fit for all planners.
Please allow 48-72 hours for messages to be responded to. We receive a large volume of messages and try to respond as quickly as possible.
Custom requests are not being taken at this time.



*All giveaway code are active for a period of 3 months from the issue date. Codes not used within that time frame will not be honored*
Tracking is included in our shipping price. This includes international packages.
Unfortunately we do not offer the option to ship packages without tracking info.
Everyone's monitor shows color differently! I try to take pictures in natural light but the colors you see on your screen may be slightly different in person!
Q: Can I stack multiple coupons?
A: Unfortunately we do not accept more than one coupon to be used per order 
Q: What do the different paper options mean?
A: We know that everyone likes to plan differently so we try to offer options for every preference and budget! Here a breakdown of the different paper options- Premium Matte - A soft, smooth premium matte paper with a permanent backing. This paper has the highest quality color/image resolution.
Clear - A clear paper with a permanent backing.
Q: When will my order ship?
A: Our current processing times can be found on our home page as well as on the checkout page.
Q: Will I be charged customs/duty for international orders?
A: If you are an international buyer you will be responsible for any customs fees. These are completely out of my control. Custom forms values are autofilled by ShipStation for the amount of the purchase. I WILL NOT change any values on customs forms. Seller is NOT responsible for customs fees and import taxes imposed on Buyer by their country of residence. Falsifying customs declaration forms in order to help a Buyer avoid these taxes and fees is against the law, and comes with a punishment of up to $10,000 USD with the possibility of up to 5 years of imprisonment. Please do not ask Seller to violate the law. For further information about these laws go to codes.lp.findlaw.com/uscode/13/9/305 Seller is not responsible for calculating import fees. Buyer may use the tool found at the web site below to estimate import fees; however, be aware the fees may be higher since this calculator is just an estimate. www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation>
Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: We accept cancellations within 24 hours. After the 24 hour period has ended we cannot accept cancellations. Even if you have not received a shipping notification that does not mean that your order has not already been packed. We only drop order at the post office every other day so sometimes our shipping notification have been set to send 24 hours from the time the label was created. Order cancellations must be submitted within 24 hours of the order and a 10% restocking fee will be subtracted. This is to cover fees that PayPal and Shopify payment systems do not return to the seller when orders are refunded.
Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: We do not accept custom orders at this time.
Q: When do you restock items?
A: We currently do not have set times to restock items. Most items will only be released with the initial stock available. Some items may be restocked periodically. Additional stock is generally released on Friday or prior to sales.
Q: My order is showing as delivered but I have not received it yet. What do I do?
A: We see this happen alot. Generally if your order has been marked as delivered but isn't in your mailbox it will show up the next day. If it does not show up you will need to contact USPS and a file a missing/stolen mail claim. We will not replace/refund any orders that have been marked as delivered.
Q: How long does shipping normally take?
A: We cannot guarantee any set shipping times but most US orders are delivered within 3-5 days of the order being shipped. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the season. We will not resend any orders until an item has not moved/been scanned in 10 business days. Sometimes things get stuck and while this is frustrating, it isn't something that can be helped. International orders could take 30-60 days to be delivered depending on customs. We will not reship international orders. If the order is received back on our end the order will be refunded minus shipping cost.
Q: Do you have any current coupon codes?
A: We have any current coupon codes listed on our Instagram profile. We also hold certain sales specifically for our Facebook group.
Q: Im trying to place an order but it doesn't look like you ship to my country. Can you change that?
A: Unfortunately we only ship to select countries. There are certain countries that we have had issues shipping to in the past, so we decided to remove those countries from our shipping list. If your country is not on the list then we will not ship there. We also no longer ship to the UK via Shopify, but do offer UK shipping from our Etsy shop.
Q: I placed more than one order, can I combine them?
A: Yes! We will combine orders as long as they were placed within 24 hours of each other. Just send us a message with your orders numbers and let us know you'd like to combine shipping. We will refund the shipping overage!
Q: What planners do your stickers fit?
A: Our stickers are 
sized to fit most standard vertical planners. If you are unsure of the measurements of your planner please contact us for exact sticker measurements. We cannot guarantee our stickers will be an exact fit for all planners.